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Self-determined mobility: Freedom cannot be hindered

Janis McDavid has always been certain that he will drive a car. A vision that must have seemed crazy to many. Today he has already travelled 300,000 km in his own high-tech vehicle and campaigns as an ambassador for limitless freedom and mobility.

Take control of the steering wheel yourself

Janis McDavid is living proof that an immense will, belief in oneself and a quantum of craziness are more important for realising visions than external factors.

His constant search for unique and innovative solutions helps him realise his expectations of freedom and mobility. In his Mercedes Sprinter – equipped with the Space Drive digital driving and steering system - Janis McDavid shows that our ability to push the boundaries in our mind is decisive in how we manage our lives.

Independent travel is a matter of course for the speaker and author and is a necessary basis of his profession. “Of course, driving a car is pure freedom for me and I am looking forward to each and every innovation of the future, which allows more people this pleasure."

Success models for every need

Janis McDavid motivates people all around the world. With his wild optimism, he gives courage to conquer one’s own paths and to go down them without hesitation. “My Mercedes Sprinter shows that I was not alone in my childhood vision. While I was apparently doing my whacky dreaming, others were visibly doing some crazy developing. Today there are a lot of driving assistance alternatives for people who need individual mobility solutions. By collaborating with Mercedes, I want to help people discover how much more freedom their best life can offer.“

Life is movement

You decide. Travel safely. Movement is one of the most fundamental expressions of life. Janis McDavid and Mercedes are not to be hindered by anything.

Are you also remarkable?

Janis McDavid - All others already exist! Does your brand have special characteristics, too? Then we have something in common!

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