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About postings, poses und antics: social media reality bites

One of my most successful Instagram stories in 2019 was the picture of a pizza. The most clicked blog posts are those that contain the word "sex". Social media, it is often said, is superficial. A harsh criticism, in my opinion, when it obviously goes so deep - namely directly into the rest of the brain.

Scrolling, klicking, no-braining?

Yeah, okay, that sounds a little nasty. At the same time, we all know, from our own experience and, of course, from countless studies in the meantime, how our inner drive and reflexes drive us humans in many ways. Looking at it this way, a highly visual channel like Instagram has easy play with our brainstem and diencephalon. Pictures simply have an effect. That’s it. This knowledge somehow makes the click numbers of my pizza posting more understandable, but at the same time punishes all the lies that rave about important content in "success seminars" and never tire of telling, only real added value would result in clicks. Nah guys, no, it's the nutritional value, I know that now.

Kids, cats, kisses

Advertising has been leading the way for decades: if you want to sell something, make a connection to the topics of family, animals, or sex. People like it whether they want to or not. It tickles the spinal cord. Seen in this light, my idea of ​​having a pizza tattooed on my face for more attention seems to me to be totally obvious. Who cares about content when they can like melted mozzarella? exactly. I am not excluding myself at all. Any watermelon picture will reach me faster than a meme with binomial formulas. So why do I bother about content anyway?

Authentic, practical, good

Because, and here I can and want to only speak for myself, real messages are important to me. Real also in the sense of authenticity. If you follow Janis on Insta, then you are actually following Janis. The person, the speaker, the globetrotter. Because it is important to me to network with people, to give them courage and inspiration on their way. Because I enjoy reaching heads and hearts, connecting, exchanging ideas, moving thoughts, and sharing new ideas or getting to know them myself. The fast pace of the medium is clear to me. Nevertheless, it gives us a clear view and is the door opener for anyone who wants to deal with a person and their topic in more detail. Of course, more in-depth content can usually be found elsewhere (homepage, blog, books, e-books), but that is, conveniently, often only one or two clicks away.

Look up here!

However, I get really angry, with a frown, change of character and acute swearing, when people who want to get in touch with me professionally via social media and obviously did not inform themselves about the person they are spamming without having been asked to do so (they even consider this to be a letter). My personal highlights of brain-free broad litter acquisition were the following offers:

  • „Let us turn you into a professional speaker”
  • „I would really like to have you in my podcast, because I like offering a stage to those who do not get a lot of attention themselves! “
  • „I can help you to gain a positive mindset!“

Yes, because, hey, hanging my head and being silent are really my core competencies and there is one thing I don't have above all: attention or audience or the best life. Without legs, you must be really happy to even be able to go outside (oh yes ... there was also an offer to help me get out ...)

I get happy about everyone who just sends me a pizza - at least it has nutritional value ... pardon, added value.

- - -

What I really am interested in, putting all sarcasm aside: Where and how do you personally deepen the topics and content that interest you and that startle you visually on Insta & Co. Books? Podcast? Google? Which personalities do you follow and what is your motivation?

Let’s talk about …

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