28 Good Reasons

to have a presentation by Janis McDavid.


You’ll experience a great presentation: Janis McDavid brings the professionalism of a speaker who has already won several international awards. Ensure maximum success for your event!


Your event will exceed your participants’ expectations thanks to the personal approach, charisma, humour and inspiration of Janis McDavid. His presentations move and stir, and remain in the memories of participants for a long time to come.


Present your guests with someone very special, increasing the significance of your event. Achieve maximum attention from your guests with Janis McDavid’s well-known and wide-ranging media presence across all channels.


Your event will be a guaranteed success thanks to Janis McDavid’s extensive stage and global life experience. At the age of 28, he has already travelled to 43 countries and given presentations to international audiences – in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.


Give your participants a special extra and guarantee the effectiveness of your presentation by offering them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Janis McDavid's exciting topics with his exclusive books and audio books.


Your event with Janis McDavid will be remembered by your guests. You’ll achieve a high level of attention thanks to a first-class presentation, which will encourage your participants to think. Janis McDavid believes in challenging people’s mindsets, raising the bar for even more sustainability.


Your choice of speakers is also a statement – and something which can enable you to get even closer to your customers. With Janis McDavid’s unique personality and backstory, coupled with his professional and proven presentation style, you’ll be offering your participants a world-class event that is unlike any other.


You’ll enjoy maximum investment security, with your goals, wishes and questions being discussed and answered in advance. In this way, you’ll be able to see for yourself just how easy it is to get Janis McDavid up on your stage.


You’ll be comfortable working with Janis McDavid and save a lot of time in the process, thanks to a simple checklist that you can tick off as you go along. Janis McDavid’s team is always happy to help you with advice and support.


We’ll gladly help you market your event, meaning you’ll reach your desired target group in an eye-catching way. You’ll benefit from text and image material for your PR activities, and Janis is more than happy to post your events on his social media channels if desired.


With Janis McDavid’s motivating inspiration, you’ll unleash the optimisation potential of your employees. Your speaker is a trained mental coach who knows how to get the attention and openness of his audience. Because only then, change is possible!


Thanks to Janis McDavid’s unique and vivid presentation style, your audience will be enchanted and won’t be able to stop talking about the keynote long after your event. As such, your event will remain clear in the minds of your audience and strengthen your brand and your company.


Your guests will be motivated by the presentation, with Janis McDavid providing you with an effective and, above all, successful mix of captivating content, vibrant energy and inspiration.


To ensure that your great ideas about the presentation can be put into practice, you’ll receive personal implementation support from Janis McDavid’s team. We’re happy to advise you on everything related to your event concept.


You’ll enhance your public image even more: Janis McDavid isn’t just a speaker, he’s also an internationally experienced UNICEF advocate. He knows what it means to not only have higher goals, but to also do everything possible to ultimately achieve them.


You’ll enjoy the certainty that the presentation will suit your target group. Janis McDavid knows how to speak the language of his audience. After more than 340 cross-industry events, he’s able to quickly understand your particular field and the needs of your guests.


You’ll enjoy even more popularity and prestige. Having Janis McDavid at your event will be the talk of the town, and will have a consistently positive effect on your company and your public image.


By working together, you’ll save on preparation time and make your event focused and successful. Janis McDavid’s team is always ready to help, meaning any questions you might have regarding his presentation at your event will be answered quickly and effectively.


You’ll have peace of mind to be able to focus on your customers. Janis McDavid ensures that everything regarding his presentation runs smoothly and successfully.


You and your participants will enjoy a maximum competitive advantage, learning what it means to change your own thoughts and actions in a self-determined and targeted manner. Separate success from coincidence!


You can book Janis McDavid flexibly and according to your respective target group and the individual goals of your event. The contents and topics of your presentation will be agreed with you, and Janis will go over everything and implement your ideas for the presentation.


We’ll talk to you about your individual ideas and objectives, so that Janis McDavid’s presentation becomes your presentation.


You can rely on Janis McDavid to pick up each of your guest where he or she is currently located. You can show your audience that success can be planned. Because if you change your own thoughts and actions in a self-determined and goal-oriented way, you create an immediate change in your life.


You’ll ensure the success of your eventeven with a diverse group of participants. Janis McDavid knows how to “grab” and inspire a mixed audience with empathy and rhetorical brilliance.


You’ll be able to grow, both in terms of sales and personally, with Janis McDavid providing clear, distinct and at the same time practically-oriented inspiration. His suggestions for action can be implemented immediately by every one of your participants.


Your investment will pay off. After more than 340 live performances in front of more than 60,000 listeners, Janis McDavid knows what works and what goes down well with an audience. He believes in fast and, above all, sustainable results – all with the customer in focus.


You can be sure that your presentation will be unparalleled. Janis McDavid leaves a mark. Marks in the minds of some, and marks in the hearts of others. What speaks to us emotionally remains in our memories for a long time to come. And that’s what will make your event a very special experience.


One more reason awaits you with every additional year that passes...


Stay curious!