Crazy idea. Typical me! (Peru 1)

Crazy idea. Typical me! (Peru 1)

Squeezed into a trekking backpack I am travelling through Peru on my friends' backs. Correct: I'm not sitting between two pieces of luggage or even carrying one myself – no, I am the contents that need to be carried. It is freezing cold, foggy and it is raining cats and dogs. 2,000 kilometres away: My wheelchair is relaxing comfortably in the half-shade at home while the exceptionally hot summer is causing lasting euphoria in Germany. ​

This year, not even the most hard-core sun worshippers have the slightest ambition to leave the top holiday destination, their home. So, what, for heaven's sake, am I doing here?

The starting point for my idea was the following: I (an electric wheelchair user) am going to tour parts of the world that are not accessible in a wheelchair! There you are. I cannot help it. The fact that a certain extent of "against all expectations" had been put into my cradle I cannot deny, if at least for a merely optical reason.

I need a destination that seems as impossible as possible. And here it is: Peru! Of course, not the barrier-free version with wheelchair-accessible hotel facilities. No. I want to reach Machu Picchu on the legendary Inca trails crossing the Andes.

Our destination - Machu Picchu

Flight booking comes first, the planning comes later

My philosophy: First, let's book the flight and create facts without thinking too much, otherwise you start weighing the pros and cons. That is when doubts creep in and in the end, you just keep on dreaming without ever living your dream. Therefore, you first need to create facts and let the pressure pile on. It seems that the "emergency" unleashes a certain creative potential within me, and I start finding the exact answers I need.

Whether this strategy is recommendable and worth following remains questionable. Decide, for yourself and join a trip with friends and pleasure, with extreme experiences and shifting borders. Come with me. The adventure known as life is waiting for us.

January: The early bird books the best flight. My ticket clearly reads the words: "Janis McDavid, July 11th, 2018, Lima".

Next story, you will be reading about the start of the adventure in Peru and which challenges Janis and his companions have to overcome on their trip…

Which challenges do we have to overcome?


Adventure with Good Friends (Peru 2)

The starting shot for the realization of my dream has been fired. The adventure can begin. Now, things have to become more concrete. So, let's think carefully how this could work: through the Peruvian jungle, across the Andes, up to a height of 4,600 meters. I may have no arms and no legs, but I have two rather good friends.
Mitten im Krater: Die blauen Flammen des Kawah Ije...
Vulkanisches Vergnügen (Indonesien 1)

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