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PARAVAN: Where the out-of-the-ordinary is completely normal

Mobility without limits and freedom through technology – that was and still is the passionate goal of PARAVAN GmbH. No wonder Janis McDavid as a brand ambassador, is passionate about trying out high-tech solutions, using them, and bringing them to the world.

Recognition, development, success

As the founder of PARAVAN, Roland Arnold, knowing from a personal experience what mobility limitations and challenges wheelchair users are facing, decides: Everyone should move as freely as they want.

Since 1997, the company, which in the meanwhile is a global leader, developed high-tech wheelchairs and automobile conversions, which enable a self-determined mobility with the highest level of comfort and individual usability.

Digital driving and steering systems for car driving without a steering wheel or pedals will be a key project of the Swabian technology experts. Thanks to the Drive-by-Wire “Space Drive” systems, even Janis McDavid can effortlessly get to any meeting in his Sprinter.

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The aim of this special project is to drive full throttle on a race track in a converted steer-by-wire racing car with joystick steering. McDavid is not only fulfilling a childhood dream, he wants to encourage other people: If a man without arms and legs can drive at top speed on a race track in a racing car and still have full control of the vehicle, then  the application also demonstrates the robustness and at the same time the performance of the existing steer-by-wire technology, which has been used for years to enable people with different physical characteristics to drive a car.

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It rocks: Wheelchair and running sport


“My wheelchair is much more than a simple means of transportation. It brings me on eye-level with others and enables fast mobility, just as I want it. We have even implemented a dance mode. Legs literally can’t do more!” With his enthusiasm for high-tech, Janis has committed to the dissemination of unique mobility systems.

While the electric wheelchair stands up for itself flexibly in daily life, Janis and PARAVAN have set new standards for the future in their joint racing project. The auto racing test field serves to further develop the “Space Drive” system.

“Driving without a steering wheel enables new ways of thinking about vehicle design. Here is the cradle of real innovation for the mobility and safety of us all. Contributing to this is a gift - and of course a great pleasure for a speed freak like me!”

Living without limit

Janis McDavid und PARAVAN share the common goal of connecting people and technology in a meaningful way, creating synergies and leaving limits behind.

“Sometimes I do not know where I end and where technology begins. It’s a flow - just pure life.”

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